Dreaming of Symbols, August 2022.

Death Posture, March 2022.

Inspired by the Death Posture: a technique created and used by British artist and occultist Austin Osman Spare (1886- 1956). This exhausting posture silences the ego, allowing for a state of ‘gnosis’, acting as a doorway to the subconscious mind.

‘The death posture is its inevitability accelerated, through it we escape our unending delay by attachment, the Ego is swept up as a leaf in a fierce gale- in the fleetness of the indeterminable, that which is always about to happen becomes its truth. Things that are self-evident are no longer obscure, as by his own will he pleases, know this as the negation of all faith by living it, the end of the duality of the consciousness.’

Taken from The Book of Pleasure (1913)